The Kingdom Team

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Basics of the Kingdom team

A good meta Kingdom team will contain five of the eight above characters most of the time. Yes, there are always other characters that can be added, but these are the normal ones. The kingdom team revolves heavily around Shan Yu. This is because of Shan Yu's amazing leadership ability, which adds 12% bonus speed to all Kingdom teammates. At this point in the game, Shan Yu is required for a meta Kingdom team. 

Aladdin and Jasmine are the next usual picks for the team. Aladdin is a heavy hitter, and applies a mass slow which is great for control of your enemy. Jasmine supplies Rajah, the tank. Rajah can take some substantial hits, and because of his taunt, he is important for the team.  

If you want to keep the Aladdin Synergy rolling, then you can add Genie and Jafar as well. Genie is a heavy damage dealer, who pairs especially well with the Peter's Shadow spell, although he is a difficult farm with only one node in the Villains Campaign. If you can get 3+ of his shadows he does some crazy damage. Jafar controls the battle with his charm ability, continuous damage, and heal blocking. 

Some other very notable options are Anna, Sorcerer Mickey, and Robin Hood. Anna is a great support character, who can apply offense down, strip turn meter, and increase your own teams speed. Sorcerer Mickey also can inflict speed down on the enemy, and has some great damage as well. Robin hood can apply Guaranteed Critical to teammates, and has some amazing damage as well. 

My personal recommendation is: Shan Yu, Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Anna with Peter's Shadow

I like the above team, because it's so much fun to watch Genie and his shadows melt enemy teams. Genie can generate a massive amount of damage, and every time he uses his basic, so do all of his shadows. Anna is also added in, because of her support. Applying offense down to all enemy characters, and applying speed up to your damage dealers is a huge boost to the team. 

NOTE: Anna is required for a frozen team. If you run both in Club conquest, Sorcerer Mickey should be subbed in for Anna. 

The Kingdom Team - How to use it

The Kingdom Team is all about speed. You need to out-pace your opponents, and kill their damage dealers ASAP. If they have a Hiro on their team, especially target him fast. Shan Yu's leadership is what makes this team good, so make sure to keep your team fast. 

Here is what you do with each character:

Shan Yu:

The first thing you do with Shan Yu will depend on the enemy team. If you need to knock out an enemy immedietly (think Hiro), then you will use the "Now It's Your Turn!" ability against that enemy. That will do a lot of damage, and potentially could knock them out with one turn. If you have a bit more time, I prefer to use the "What do you see?" ability. This allows you to get a chance of offense up, and inflict defense down on the enemy. Your 2nd attack will be whatever you didn't use on your first. Shan Yu is your main damage dealer in a kingdom squad. 


Aladdin's first move should be his "Carpet" ability. This will slow down the enemy, and help you gain the advantage. His next move should be his "One Jump Ahead" ability, which will call jasmine to assist, and deal a lot of damage. 


Jasmine's first move should always be to call Rajah, specifically in the back-row behind Aladdin. Rajah is the main reason you have Jasmine on the team, because he is your tank. He is a bit of a soft tank, but with the Kingdom's speed that's fine. After you play Rajah, your next move should be her other special which can deal okay damage. 


Anna is on the team for support. Her first move should be "This Way Guys!" which will apply offense down on the enemy. Her second move should be to speed up Shan Yu and Aladdin. They are your damage dealers so they need as many turns as you can spare. 


Genie is the wildcard of this team. He can make a huge difference, or he can do nothing, just depending on how well your opponent can target him. Because Rajah is in the backrow, there is a high chance Genie will take some sort of debuff from an enemy attack and gain a shadow. You really should run Peter's Shadow if you are running Genie. Peter's shadow allows you to clone Genie over and over. The main thing you need to do with Genie, is use his basic. The more shadows you get, the better your damage output.

Team Placement
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Stone Recommendations

Shan Yu: Speed stone is my recommendation. You can also run an offense stone. 

Aladdin: Speed stone is best.

Jasmine: Speed stone is my recommendation. You can also run a health stone. 

Anna: Speed stone is best.

Genie: Speed stone is best.