The Frozen Team

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Basics of the Frozen team

The Frozen five are actually a great team on their own. Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff are on ​all Frozen Meta teams. I'm defining a frozen meta team as any team that contains three of the frozen five in them. Yes, there are other teams that will use Elsa and Anna particularly, but those teams aren't frozen. Sven and Olaf are the weaker characters of the Frozen five. Sven is is a very good damage dealer, but that's essentially all he does. His kit relies on assisting for the other members of the team, and dealing some pretty high damage. Olaf is easily the weakest, but he does have a decent kit. He can charm the enemy, give allies tactics, and he can even revive on his own if you are lucky! 

Using the basic Frozen five is not at all a bad option, it just isn't the best option. 

Two of the best plug and play characters for the frozen team, are Cobra Bubbles and Hiro Hamada. Personally, I like to run most of the frozen characters, except for Olaf and Sven. Cobra Bubbles is a great character for this team, because he can apply blind and strip helpful effects from enemy characters. He can also give turn meter and tactics to a player. You will want to target Elsa. 

Hiro Hamada is another great substitute for Olaf. He applies evasion to the whole team, he grants shields to the whole team, and can boost turn meter of a character. Again, you will want to target Elsa for that. 

My personal recommendation is: Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Hiro Hamada, Cobra Bubbles

The above team is what I currently run in arena with great success. You can find a more detailed guide below:

The Frozen Team - How To Use Them

There is a wrong way to use the frozen team. DO NOT use Elsa's "Show Yourself" ability right off the bat. I run frozen myself, and as soon as I see an enemy do do this I know I've already won. The most important part of the frozen team is to wait if possible until after Elsa has gained empowered in order to use her "Show Yourself" ability. If you wait, you can easily knock out all five of the opponents characters in one turn. The entire team revolves around this one single mechanic. 

Here is what you want to do with each character:


Taunt Immedietly. You need Kristoff to tank damage for your team, so this means you must use his taunt ability first. I like to target Cobra Bubbles to give him speed up. You could also target Sven to give him a guaranteed Critical Damage, or Anna to give her speed up. DO NOT summon trolls. Honestly, there is no need. They heal little, and do little damage. You are far better off Taunting, then calling Sven to assist. If you time it right, you can apply Critical Damage on Elsa right before she takes her final turn. 

Because of this, Kristoff's "I'm Here" ability should be prioritized first for rune upgrades, and then his basic ability. 

Hiro Hamada:

Hiro is easily one of the best characters in the game. You will use him differently depending on the opponent. His Speed up ability you will want to apply to Elsa at a point where her turn meter is low. This will get Elsa to her Ultimate the fastest. If Elsa's turn meter is high, then go ahead and use his evade up ability, which will give evade up to all teammates. His basic does very very little, so use it only when the other two abilities aren't options.  


You need to get Elsa empowered ASAP. First off, use her "Force of Nature" Special on an enemy you want blinded. An enemy Elsa is a great target. This will also grant you speed up. After that, you will need to basic twice. When you start your next turn with four spirits, you will become empowered and can use your "Show Yourself" ability. The battle will soon be over after this. 


Anna should use her "This Way Guys!" Special as soon as she can. This applies offense down on all enemies. You don't need to use her speed up special first, because Elsa will already have speed up from her own turn. With your second move you should speed up your team. Elsa must be one of the two you speed up, and I like Kristoff as the other. 

Cobra Bubbles:

Cobra's first move should be to remove a harmful effect and apply blind to a target using his "Staredown" ability. After that you will want to basic, before finally applying his 2nd special to Elsa before she uses her final ability. This gives Elsa Tactics, Offense Up, and Haste. Cobra assists on any teammate who has tactics, so target the healthiest enemy when using Elsa's final ability. 

Team Placement

I use the below team placement for my Frozen team. Things to keep in mind. You want Kristoff on an edge, since he is your team's tank. Anna applies speed up to two allies. Giving Elsa speed up is a must, and giving Hiro Speed up helps him give more turn meter to Elsa more frequently at the right time. 

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Stone Recommendations
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Elsa:  Speed stone is my recommendation. You can also run an offense stone. 

Kristoff: Health stone is best. 

Anna: Speed stone is best. 

Hiro Hamada: Speed stone is best.  

Cobra Bubbles: Speed stone is best.