Welcome to the DSAGuide Spell page! Here you will find what tier all the spells in Disney Sorcerer's Arena are, what tower level you have to beat to farm them, and if they are event rewards or not. Check out Cozy Gamer's video below on the top 10 spells currently in DSA! 

One thing to note is that you only need to beat tower 3 to have most of the meta spells in the game. If you haven't been able to beat tower level 4 and 5 don't be discouraged. You will continue to make progress and get the spells when you can, but they aren't currently game changing spells. 

In order to maximize your spell roster, make sure you buy the random packs of spell in the exchange, instead of focusing on individual spells. This will grow your roster at a much faster pace, and will allow you to grow a wide roster, instead of super focused one. It also is safer if DSA does decide to do more spell nerfs in the future.