Sorcerer's Stones

There are 7 different types of stones in Disney Sorcerer's Arena. In order to optimize your teams, it is important to know which stones do what, and why you need them on certain characters. Some stones (Speed) are far more important than others (Critical Chance). Below is a chart that will help you know what stones to put on each character. 

Speed Stone

The Speed Stone is the most important Stone in Disney Sorcerer's Arena. If in doubt, use a speed stone, because speed is king. Practically every character greatly benefits from speed, so make sure you use it!

Offense Stone

The Offense Stone is probably the second most important stone. You want to put Offense stones are your heavy hitters. Characters like Big Bad Wolf, Emperor Zurg, and Dash are all great candidates for an Offense Stone. 

Health Stone

The Health Stone is what you need to use on your tanks. Giving your tanks more health will allow your team to last longer. Characters such as Kristoff, Chunk, Maui will use the Health Stone. 

Defense Stone

The Defense Stone is a worse version of the Health Stone. In order for a Defense Stone to be better than a Health Stone, your tank must take a lot of hits. Otherwise you'd be better off using Health. Any character that would take a Health stone can also take a defense stone. 

Recovery Stone

The Recovery Stone is used for characters that apply healing. Dr. Facillier for example works well with the Recovery stone, because he applies large amounts of healing to your team which benefits from the stone. 

Critical Power Stone

The Critical Power Stone is very rarely used. Characters that apply huge single hit damage are where you want to put your Critical Power stones. You will not be using this stone very often.

Critical Chance Stone

The Critical Chance Stone is very similar to the Critical Power Stone. You want to use it on characters that have large single hit damage because they benefit the most from Critical Chance. You will not be using this stone very often.

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