Raids have come to Disney Sorcerer's Arena starting with the all new Ursula Raid! Make sure you check back here for more information on a full raid walkthrough, the best teams to use against Ursula, as well as hints, tips, and tricks to master this Raid. 

The Forbidden Depths - 

 Lair of the Sea Witch

The Forbidden Depths - Lair of the Sea witch is the first raid to arrive in DSA. In order to start the raid, your club will need to collect the necessary amount of raid tickets. Each member of the club can collect 1,000 raid tickets each day, and with heroic tier costing 100,000 raid tickets, a club that is maxing their daily collections will be able to fight the heroic tier every 2 days. Raids provide great rewards, so make sure you join a club that makes raiding a priority! 

Phase 1:

In phase 1 of The Forbidden Depths, your club will fight Glut the Shark. Be careful, because Glut can strip shield, apply continuous damage, inflict fear and continuous damage, and even instantly defeat his target. 

The team over at The Forbidden Depths raid server has done a fantastic job collecting data and creating great graphics. Check out their strategy for Phase one below, and make sure to check back for more updates! You can join The Forbidden Depths discord chat here at to ask questions and to discuss more raid strategy. 

Phase 2:

In phase 2 of The Forbidden Depths, your club will fight Flotsam and Jetsam. Flotsam and Jetsam are a deadly duo that apply poison over time to their opponents which deals damage to a percentage of your characters health. Be careful against these two, because Flotsam can apply charm, and Jetsam can clear all helpful effects and apply intimidate to a target opponent. They also have an ability to instantly defeat a target opponent.  

Strategy to defeat Flotsam and Jetsam:

- Come back later for more details. 

Recommended teams:

- Come back later for more details. 

Phase 3:

In phase 3 of The Forbidden Depths, your club will fight Ursula. Ursula also has the ability to inflict poison to your team as well as instantly defeating a target character. Once Ursula is dealt a certain amount of damage, she will inflict blind on all of your characters, as well as become empowered. Once empowered her basic will hit twice, and her 1st ability will hit adjacent opponents as well.  

Strategy to defeat Ursula in Phase 3:

- Come back later for more details. 

Recommended teams:

- Come back later for more details. 

Phase 4:

In phase 4 of The Forbidden Depths, your club will fight Ursula again. In this phase, Ursula's tentacles will join her in the battle, and will attack frequently.  In phase 4, Ursula will be giving your team many debuffs, including Defense down, Stun, Fear, Helpful Immunity, and Poison. 

Suggested Teams:

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