DSA Teams

Welcome to the DSAGuide Meta Teams page! Here you will find different teams to help you throughout Disney Sorcerer's Arena. Some of these teams will be better used in Club Conquest rather than in PVP or Sorcerer's Tournament. Also, check out Cozy Gamer's video below on what teams he suggests for Club Conquest!


This list of teams will change periodically as new meta teams get added into the game. 

Individual Team Guides

All Team List

How to use the chart below:

The chart below attempts to capture the main teams used in Disney Sorcerer's Arena. There are of course millions of different team compositions you can make. This chart shows the normal team compositions, as well as some variations that some people like to run. I tried to show a decent number of variations, without going to crazy with the many different team compositions. 

In general, the better teams are at the top. This chart is not a ranking of teams, but I have tried to move the better teams towards the top. 

Do you feel like I missed a team? Or is there a team that you like to run that isn't represented below? Let me know by filling out this quick form