Getting the most out of Disney Sorcerer's ​Arena (DSA). 

The following article goes through general game play in DSA as well as tips and tricks. This guide will be particularly helpful for Free To Play players (FTP), but even if you are a whale there could be some useful tips in here as well!

Resource management is easily one of the most important things that you need to learn how to do well, especially if you are FTP. DSA has many types of different resources, the main ones being Grand Energy, Campaign Energy, Gold, and Gems. 

Grand Energy should really be used on one character at a time. You want to get characters up to seven stars as quickly as possible, so splitting your energy will hurt you more than help you. An exception to this rule could be if you are farming for Elsa, you may want to split farming Sven and Olaf by alternating each star level. 

Campaign Energy should be used to farm key characters every day, and then dump the rest into farming gear. This is a balancing act as you need to be doing both every day. Find the most important characters for you to farm, and focus on those ones each day until they are at seven stars. Then use the remainder of your energy to get the gear you need. Everyone should be using three fifty-gem campaign energy refreshes every day, no exceptions. Even FTP players should be doing this, as it is the most efficient use of gems in the game. You should be able to manage spending 150 gems a day as a FTP as there are ways to make 150 gems back every day. 

Gold is in very short supply. When you start off you may be tempted to level all your characters as high as possible, and to upgrade all your characters when you can. I guarantee you will run out of gold fast. I have two main tips for gold usage:

1. Only level one character up one level every day. 

- This may sound drastic, but it really helps at the higher levels. When you start off the game, this won't be necessary, but you will find a point when this will become really helpful. This also allows you to get your daily achievement of leveling a character up. 

2. Don't star up your characters if you don't need them! 

- For example, you will get to a point where you have characters ready to be starred up, but they aren't useful characters. Put them on the back burner for now, and if an event that requires them comes around, absolutely upgrade them, but for the time being, just let them sit. This will allow you to save your gold for characters you actually need. 

Gems are the resource that allows you to get ahead in DSA. If you are FTP the way you manage your gems is extremely important. Here is how you can accumulate gems:

- 20 a day from ad chests

- 9 a day from daily quest videos

- 10-300 from sorcerer's tournament (Aim for at least top 100 for 80 gems a day. I am FTP and can keep top 20 without much effort)

- 3-10 from Daily chests

- X amount from PvP arena

- X amount from Tower milestones

- X amount from Raid milestones. 

- X amount from Calendar

- Tapjoy offers

Top things to spend your gems on:

1. Daily three fifty-gem campaign energy refreshes 

2. Grand energy refreshes 

3. Gold

4. 100-gem campaign energy refreshes