Barley Who?

Introducing the Barley Who? team! This team is aptly named for its specific lack of a character who just got a significant nerf against the raid... Barley. The good news is that by using Hiro Hamada, Cobra Bubbles, Sven, and two other support characters, typically Honey Lemon and Anna, Baymax, or Kristoff, you can still get huge damage against Ursula! 

Basics of the Barley Who? team

The Barley Who? team revolves solely around Sven. The entire idea of the team is to build up as many Critical Damage buffs on Sven as possible, and then use Sven's basic towards the end of the battle in order to stack up the quick damage against Ursula. Because of this everyone on the team is geared to either buff Sven up, or slow the boss down.  

This team can get massive damage against different phases in the raid. Against phase one I have been able to get 1.7m damage. Against phase two with one Eel I've done 3.5m damage going into phase 3. Check out the screenshots below, and videos at the bottom. More testing is needed to know exactly how much damage can be done in P4. I have seen a 4million hit in phase two against both eels as well.  

Barley Who? in Action

Against phase one, the Barley Who? team should consist of Hiro Hamada, Cobra Bubbles, Sven, Honey Lemon, and Kristoff or Baymax. You will need a tank to absorb a lot of damage against Glut. If you are running heroic, restart until you get a run where glut has low turn meter. This will help your run greatly. 

Against phase two, the Barley Who? team should consist of Hiro Hamada, Cobra Bubbles, Sven, Honey Lemon, and Anna. Anna will help speed up your Sven and your Hiro. If you are running heroic, make sure you restart until both eels are low turn meter. This will help you greatly. 

This is what each character will do:

Sven will use his carrot ability for the first 80% of the battle, and then switch to his basic at the end to get the big damage. Don't worry, Sven will be called to assist often from others to get damage along the way. 

Hiro Hamada will speed up Bubbles whenever he can. This is because Bubbles is the one who controls the battle the most. When Hiro doesn't speed up Bubbles, he should evade when he can. Don't basic unless it's your only ability. 

Cobra Bubbles will alternate between giving tactics to Sven and using Staredown against the boss. Sven should have tactics at all times. This allows him to get 2x Crit Damages instead of one from his carrot ability, which is extremely important. You should use Staredown against the boss when the boss has more than 50% turn meter, or when you think your Bubbles won't get another turn in before the bosses gets their turn. Bubbles basic should only be used when it's his only ability. 

Honey Lemon will almost always use her basic to apply slow and reduce turn meter. If the boss has buffs, you can use her 2nd ability to remove them, but I find this isn't really necessary. 

Your fifth slot will most likely consist of Kristoff, Baymax, or Anna. If the character is Kristoff or Baymax their purpose is to tank as much as they can, and then get instakilled first. They are largely unimportant to this team. If the character is Anna, try to use her speed up as much as possible, otherwise her 3rd ability can be good to reduce damage from the enemy, but often won't land. 


You will want to use Conjuring Cauldron and Peter's Shadow with this team. Cauldron is great to help give ability magic to your characters, and will sometimes call Sven to assist as a bonus! Peter's shadow should first be used on Cauldron if you are at the earlier parts of the battle. This will allow more magic and speed given. If you are at the end and dealing damage with Sven, then start using Shadow on Sven.  

1.7m damage run in P1 Video
3.5m damage run in P2-3 Video
Team Placement

The Ursula kill order is largely predictable. Because of this Team placement is crucial! A vast majority of the time, the boss instakill order will be the following:

- Front Middle

- Front Left

- Front Right

- Back Left

- Back Right

Because of this in the above screenshot you can expect Anna to die first, followed by Honey Lemon, Cobra Bubbles, Hiro Hamda, and last Sven. 

Stone Recommendations

Sven: Critical Damage is best.

Hiro Hamada: Speed stone is best.

Cobra Bubbles: Speed stone is best for raid. 

Honey Lemon: Speed stone is best.

Anna: Speed stone is best. 

Kristoff: Health stone is best. 

Baymax: Health stone is best.